Thursday, February 10, 2011

And now for our regularly scheduled blog

Don't worry, I'm still keeping on my regular Thursday schedule. That little bonus blog a few days ago was just a spark in my brain that I had to get out.

Although I haven't talked much about it, DunDraCon is a go. I'm running "The Jaded City of Oz" twice (deliberately this time), once for adults and once for kids. I wanted to run it for adults for a couple of reasons: 1) I wanted to see if other adults would have fun with it like my playgroup did, 2) Kid's games are walk-up, while adults have to make an effort to sign up, and 3) because parents are really the ones with the money and if I want to use this event to rack up sales, that's who I really need to impress.

DunDraCon is typically close enough to Valentine's Day that my customary gift to my fiancee is a room in a nice hotel with a swimming pool and a restaurant and tons of gamers. Yes folks, if you didn't know before, my fiancee is a hot gamer chick. She's even creative enough to try to design her own campaign world for the Pathfinder RPG. Check out her blog here!

So what are you doing for your Oz/geek sweetheart?

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