Where can I get Adventures in Oz: Fantasy Roleplaying Beyond the Yellow Brick Road?

It is currently available from these sellers in a variety of formats.

Amazon.com: Print
DriveThruRPG: Print, PDF, EPUB, Print/PDF
iBookstore: EPUB
Lulu.com: Print, PDF, EPUB
Paizo.com: PDF
RPGNow: Print, PDF, EPUB. Print/PDF
YourGamesNow: PDF

Print: A 6"x9" softcover book, 138 pages, Black & White interior. $14.99
PDF: 11"x8 1/2" black & white PDF downloadable file with 2 column, landscape orientated layout. $6.99
EPUB: The EPUB format is designed for e-readers, such as the iPad and Kindle. It allows for optimum viewing of the material regardless of the size of the display. $6.99
Print/PDF: This includes the print and PDF options in a single transaction for a lower price. $14.99

Links to these sites are in the right-hand column of this page.

What is the Adventures in Oz Characters Pack?

The Adventures in Oz Characters Pack is a collection of 15 classic Oz characters with full game stats. They can be used by players who wish to start playing immediately, or simply want to play their favorite Oz hero. This is only available as a PDF download, so you will need to print them out to use them. The file also includes two full-page blank character sheets that you can use to give your own original characters room to grow.

Why are you selling the rulebook separately? What are the game's other components?

There are two reasons for this. First of all, the other components for the game are readily available. 6-sided dice are included in most board games, which you likely already have around the house. Paper and pencil or some other means of note-taking is likewise very common. The second reason is that this is actually a common practice in RPG publishing. Even publishers whose games require polyhedral dice, miniature figurines or other props sell their rulebooks separately.

It is possible that I will have dice or other props manufactured for the game, but these will largely be of promotional/collectible value. You will not need them in order to play or enjoy Adventures in Oz: Fantasy Roleplaying Beyond the Yellow Brick Road.

What age group are you targeting with your game?

I have designed the game so that it should be playable by virtually any age. It will be marketed as a kids RPG, but my playtest group was composed of people all in their 20's and we had a lot of fun.

Do you have anything else in the works?

As soon as resources allow, I would like to release a setting supplement detailing the lands that Baum wrote about that were not within the borders of Oz called "Adventures in Oz: Beyond the Deadly Desert." I also intend to release fully illustrated versions of the classic Oz stories, but this is also waiting on available resources.

I haven't read the books, but I love the MGM movie. Will I enjoy your game?

I certainly hope so. I include a lot of information from the stories, so you shouldn't feel too left out. You might even be inspired to track down and read some of the stories.

I haven't played an RPG before. What am I missing out on?

But nearly everyone has played a role as part of some kind of game. When we were younger, we all played some kind of pretending games. The rules of the Adventures in Oz game are there to provide a more structured experience and to resolve questions that can arise during play, such as putting an end to the old "Cops and Robbers" arguments of "I shot you!" "No you didn't!"

I bought the book, but I can't make sense of the magic rules. Once I have determined the Effect Power of a spell, what do I do with it?

Casting a spell requires a Brains roll with a penalty equal to the Effect Power of the spell to cast successfully. So a spell with an Effect Power of 3 requires a Brains rolls with a -3 penalty to take effect. I explain it in more depth and provide an example here.

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