What is Adventures in Oz?

Adventures in Oz: Fantasy Roleplaying Beyond the Yellow Brick Road is a game of fantasy and imagination. The object of the game is to create your own Oz story with your own characters. Most players will be portraying a single character, while one player will step into the role of the Narrator, creating scenarios for the other players to explore and overcome.

The rulebook contains rules for quickly and easily creating your own Oz character and determining the results of their actions, advice to Narrators on creating their own adventures, and an overview of L. Frank Baum's Oz with plenty of suggestions for scenarios inspired by the classic stories. The book also includes an extensive example scenario "The Jaded City of Oz" so you can start playing quickly.

Along with the core rulebook, you will also need six-sided dice (preferably 2 for each player), paper, pencils, and friends to play with. These are things we hope you have around the house, and so are not selling them on this site.

For more specific questions about the game, see our FAQ.


Pete said...

I loved this episode of AA. I think you really nailed OZ in tone and intention. I have to get my hands on your game. Thanks so much for your passion and knowledge of Baum. It shows...and it sells.

Pete Figtree

John Feaster said...

Just picked up the game on Amazon (I prefer to hold a book in my hands) and am DELIGHTED with it! Very well done!

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