Thursday, December 8, 2011

Why YOU Should Be Playing Adventures In Oz

If you're a gamer:

It's a refreshing break from all that traditional elves and orcs fantasy.

It's rules-light, making it great for beer & pretzels-style gaming.

The setting has surprising breadth, so if you wanted to turn your beer & pretzels game into a
campaign, it is certainly doable.

"Munchkin" is a perfectly valid character concept.

If you're an Oz fan:

"Scratch an Oz fan and you'll get an Oz story." And here's a great tool to help you get your story out. You can create nearly any Oz hero you can think of and take them on all new adventures. Or take the role of the Narrator and present your players with challenging scenarios of your own design or inspired by your favorite Oz book.

Even if you're not planning on playing, the setting material can be used by writers as a reference or source of inspiration.

If you're a Grognard (you know who you are):

It's based on the book. As a grognard, you are quite literate. Your old school gaming sessions were inspired by Robert E. Howard, Edgar Rice Burroughs and H.P. Lovecraft, but we all know you slipped in an Oz book every now and again.

You want to pass on your gaming legacy. Some of you are doing this with your old red box or maybe one of the retroclones, and that's great. But for some of you, it's just not clicking for your kids. Why not try something with a little more whimsy? And as much as we want our kids to find non-violent solutions to their problems, why are we sending them to fight monsters? Why not try a game with rules for friendship that can turn into magic?

If you're gay:

You can actually put "Friend of Dorothy" on your character sheet and it will give you bonuses.

Right now Lulu is offering 25% off if you order this week with the coupon code COUNTDOWN. Order soon if you want it to arrive by Christmas.


Joseph said...

How about for kids? I was thinking this would make a nifty game to run at a con, with an "under 15 only" stipulation.

Joseph said...

Put "If you're a parent and a gamer:" in front of that last paragraph, and dolts like me won't zoom right by it. ;-)

word verification: karactr (the most apropos one I've ever seen for a gaming blog!)

Doug Wall said...

The convention I regularly attend (DunDraCon) has a Kids Room with a variety of activities, and I usually offer to run a session of AiO for the kids there. I also run it as part of the regular convention schedule for grownups.

And as much as I want kids to play it, parents are the ones with the money and are also more likely to be a child's first GM.

BlUsKrEEm said...

If you have gamer ADD:
If you can imagine it you can play it. The character creation in Oz is able to handle nearly any character concept. Robot, talking mouse, grizzled warrior? All perfectly doable in Oz.

And that's nothing compared to the gonzo odd ball ideas that a Game Master can include.

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