Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A DunDraConUndrum

As I do nearly every year, I'm planning to attend DunDraCon this upcoming February. For the last few years I've run two AiO demos over that weekend. But I'm thinking of changing that. Not specifically in a downsizing way, either. Some thing I'm thinking of doing as well or instead are more promotional efforts. Such as:

Seminars: Rather than just getting a small group to play my game, this would involve a (hopefully) larger crowd that I can talk to about my game.

Running another game: One of the things I love about cons is the opportunity to try new games. But sometimes the games that I want to try out are not being put on the schedule. Which tends to give me the itch to put those games on the schedule by running them myself.

While I could theoretically do all of these things, I would be a very busy man. Busier perhaps than I am at my day job. Not exactly what I would consider a vacation. And since it is my one real opportunity to get out of town in a year, I'd like to keep it feeling like a vacation. So while I'm open to doing any of these things (including my AiO demos), I don't feel like taking on all of them.

What do you think?


Michael M. said...

Promote your book like crazy! I'm putting together a promotional package for the book I'm working on to present at next years CAC reunion. You can do some publicity stuff and still have some fun. Balance.

F. Douglas Wall said...

And I am planning to do publicity. That's not changing. But I'm wondering if I can step up my promotional game while still having time to hit the hotel pool, eat something better than the provided gamer chow, and maybe participating in a game as something other than a GM.

I can handle my usual two demos. But can I handle two demos and a seminar? Can I run my two demos, a seminar and run a session of another game? If I can't squeeze all of that into my schedule and maintain my sanity, what do I cut?

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