Thursday, May 8, 2008

Don't quit your day job!

Even though I'm pretty sure no one's reading this, I still feel the need to apologize for not updating yesterday. But then, there are those who say that a true test of character is what you do when no one is telling you to do it.

It does take a lot of character to make it in the gaming industry. Most publishers, writers, artists, etc. do not take home enough money to pay all their bills. This is especially true for me, as I have not yet produced a product to bring money in. So we all work the day job, and do what we love at night. And sometimes, they interfere with each other.

No new updates on the site. My latest phase of the project is a fastplay adventure, and I'll let you guys know when that happens.

1 comment:

librarian said...

Can I recommend that somehow you work into your homepage some of the names of other RPGs? I searched on GURPS Oz, and only found your discussion going on on the SJG forums in the 3rd page of my google search. If you put in the names of other RPGs, when folks google say Rifts OZ, your page may come up higher?
Of course for Google hits, you will also be competing apparently with the development of an Oz RPG for electronic platforms...

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