Thursday, January 1, 2009

Publish or Perish!

That is one of my big New Year's resolutions. The other is to marry this absolutely wonderful woman I've been in love with for the longest time, but that's a separate issue.

Now for a look back at the year that was:

Total amount spent on art: $300. My projected art budget: Around $1,000. If I can dodge unemployment this year, I might be able to make up the difference. I also have a potential investor, but I'm notorious for not counting my chickens before they are hatched.

Total blog hits: 850. This is only from about the beginning of August when I installed the hit counter. I imagine I'll hit 1,000 by February, when I tell you how DunDraCon went this year.

Total website hits: 329. This count begins from August 20, when I started using Google Analytics to track my site visits.

I have received hits from 35 states of the union and 23 foreign countries. Top hit-producing state: California (82 hits). Top foreign country: The UK (15 hits).

The worrying numbers are "Length of Visit" and "Depth of Visit." Nearly half of my visitors spent less than 10 seconds browsing my site and about 40% of visitors browsed only 1 page. Coupled with some other numbers that have been gathered, I'm figuring that the majority of these hits are actually from various "bots" scouting out my little corner of the internet. It will take some doing to tease out an exact number of these, but it's on my list of things to do.

Highest number of hits in 1 day: 10. This was November 6, soon after I posted an Oz thread on

Best hit getter: The YouTube video. The day it was posted, my site received 8 hits. Traffic to the site has stayed rather steady since then, with an average of 5 hits a day for the week immediately after. The posting created a bigger spike, but had a much quicker dropoff. Given this success, I think another YouTube video will be forthcoming. Maybe even with music this time.

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