Thursday, May 13, 2010

It is mine and it is glorious!

I have in my hands right now (you know what I mean) my proof copy from Lulu of my game, Adventures in Oz. I wanted to to a big unveiling, but my camera died on me. No photos, no video at the moment, but I swear to you, the book exists.

The cover image is a little offset, with a strip of green across the top, but no missing details. I opted not to put my name on the cover, since my name is not the one that's going to sell this book. It's L. Frank Baum's name that is going to sell this book and that is definitely there.

I was a bit worried that I would mis-judge the thickness of the book, making the spine look poorly done, but it actually looks fine. "Adventures in Oz" it reads, along with the product code "FDW1000". I included that as a reminder that I'm not done with Oz yet. And there may be other game lines to follow, as well. I also put the price on the back cover, so I don't forget. $14.99

The interior is very nice as well. My layout person cooked up a really neat border design, though it does come rather close to the edges at times. The pages are not perfectly centered, but again, there are no missing details, so it's not a problem.

The layout looks even better than it did browsing it on my screen, though this may just be the excitement of knowing that it's an actual product now.

Watch this space May 15th for info on how you can own this wonderful game as well!


James C. Wallace II said...

"but I swear to you, the book exists."

I believe you because I know you have sweated like a 3-legged Kalidah over this project. I only hope we can still collaborate someday.


Baker said...

This is fabulous news; Congratulations!

I'm sure I'll be placing one of the first orders tomorrow, as my daughters are both very excited to play a game (or twelve).

Cheesy - and borderline crass - but ... will those of us buying the print copy receive any type of discount on the .pdf version once released?

Doug Wall said...

If I were clever enough to do something like that, Baker, I would. But I'm not. Sorry.

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