Thursday, October 6, 2011

Cast An Ozzy Spell: The Magic Book of Records

This book is said to be one of the most powerful magical objects in all of Oz. Within its pages is a description of every event as it occurs, no matter how small. Even though the book is very large, the amount of information within it means that the writing must be very small.

Power: Divination (2)
Scope: The Whole World (5)
Ritual: Complex (-1)
Item: Limited Use (-2)
Effect Power: 4

As with most information gathering magic, the Scope is determined by the area that is being scanned for information. Although the book requires no actual magical ritual to use it, it must be read closely and researched in order to gain useful knowledge, which takes sufficient effort that I'm making it worth a discount. The Limited Use modifier represents the fact that the Book is permanently housed in Glinda's Palace and anyone wishing to use it must travel there.

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