Thursday, March 29, 2012

Episode 2: Attack of the Actual Play

And now for the next Adventures in Oz Podcast. I recorded this at DunDraCon over the space of 3 and a half hours. And then there was the daunting task of editing it. While some people may prefer an unedited recording for Actual Play, I decided to edit this for a few reasons.

1) Dead air/Dithering: This is one of my major sins as a Narrator. I wound up taking out a lot of "Um"s, as well as trimming down a lot of the silent moments during the session.

2) Distractions: During this portion of the recording, we had a couple of people pop into the room for various reasons. Since this effectively stopped play while it was going on, it was no loss to the recording to remove it.

3) Content: This was a session involving grown-ups, who occasionally talk about grown-up things. While I've tried to preserve as much of the fun and humor of the session as possible, I have edited out some of the more ribald jokes.

Please note: This version is extremely reduced in quality in order to keep file size down. If you want a higher quality version for your iPod, you can get it here

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