Monday, January 21, 2013

Q1 2012 Quarterly Report

If I had kept up on my posting schedule, this would have been the first report to be displayed in the same year that its data was generated. But if all goes well (and I don't see why it shouldn't) that will wind up happening in a couple of months.

 Adventures in Oz: Fantasy Roleplaying Beyond the Yellow Brick Road
Sales Channel/Product TypeJanuaryFebruaryMarchQuarter TotalYTDLast YearGrand Total
One Book Shelf/PDF767202021124
One Book Shelf/Print------2
One Book Shelf/Bundle--111
One Book Shelf/Total768212121136
Amazon Kindle41-55-5

 Adventures in Oz Characters Pack
Sales Channel/Product TypeJanuaryFebruaryMarchQuarter SalesTotal Sales

A good strong quarter in terms of sales. Maybe not Christmas scale numbers, but certainly nothing to sneeze at, either. January got a nice little boost of publicity from the kind folks at the Atomic Array (and if you want me for your podcast, just let me know). February was, of course, my annual jaunt to DunDraCon (which I will be repeating this year as well) and during the month of March, the OneBookShelf sites held their week-long GM's Day Sale to honor the passing of D&D co-creator Gary Gygax. This was my first opportunity to participate in this sale and I look forward to doing so again this year.

You may have noticed that there's a small change to the upper table. I have removed the YGN listing and replaced it with numbers from my Kindle sales. Did I forget to mention that AiO is available on the Kindle? Well, it was kind of deliberate forgetfulness. You see, I don't own a Kindle myself, so I have no idea how it looks on the device. But people seem to be buying and keeping it (there is an option to return a Kindle book and I do have numbers on how often that happens).

The interesting thing about the Characters Pack sales is how many were purchased as part of the GM's Day Sale. As we've seen on this and previous tables, most people will purchase the bundle, getting the Characters Pack for free when they purchase AiO. In March, we see that trend reversed. Probably because the individual items were discounted, but the bundle was not. And also, 74 cents is a hard price to pass up for just about anything.

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