Saturday, May 4, 2013

What's in the Wizard's Magic Bag?

Okay, The Wizard's Magic Bag is slowly but surely becoming a thing. Although a lot of the stuff going into it is from the blog, it still takes some time.

For one thing, I'm rewriting everything that I had previously written. Not only with this allow it to have a unified voice, I'm also rewriting it trying to replicate the writing style that I used in AiO. I don't know how many of you have noticed, but the writing style in AiO is not what I use on this blog. It's much more simplified, though I try to avoid being overly simplistic. My primary enemy is commas. Not that there's anything wrong with commas, and I don't misuse them, but I tend to use an awful lot of them. In fact, all but one sentence in this paragraph uses a comma for some purpose or other.

For another thing, I'll be adding some things. Not just more magic items, but new magical options. Including some rules for letting your character chuck fireballs with the best of them, and an alternate system for sorcery based on Oz Points.

Here's the current list of what's going in:

Errata & Clarifications

This is where the "Effect Power is a penalty to your Brains Skill" is explained to those customers who don't read the blog. (Note: Make sure to include a link to the blog) The expanded Transmutation rules are going in there as well. This is first so that when RPGNow and DriveThruRPG show a preview on the product page, customers can get the patches for free.

New Rules

Here, we'll have rules for minor magics, battle magic, and using friendship as magic. Stuff that I haven't mentioned on the blog before. Something totally new.

Magic Items

Here's the big list of magic items from the books. I also want to touch on some interesting details and quirks of the magic rules, like when an item is just a spell, or having a magic item as a character's starting friend. I'd also like to try to find some room to discuss the story possibilities


James C. Wallace II said...

As a magician, I'm curious as to what kind of actual magic artifacts will be included. Linking Rings? Cup and Ball? Cards?

F. Douglas Wall said...

More like the Powder of Life, The Magic Belt, Glinda's Book of Records. If I ever write something going into detail on Humbug Magic, your suggestions are going right in.

James C. Wallace II said...

Humbug magic? Now I take offense with that term. I've been doing magic with those items for over 43 years now and there's nothing humbug about it! Besides, Linking Rings can be used to ensnare an opponent. Cups and Balls can befuddle an opponent. Cards can be flung as an offensive weapon. Humbug? Bah!!! LOL!!!

F. Douglas Wall said...

Indeed, humbug magic is quite capable. The Wizard used it to great effect in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, as well as his return in Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz.

But sometimes, you just can't use humbug magic and have to resort to boring ol' magic magic.

Nathan said...

In this post, I listed some of the items found in the bag in the books.

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