Saturday, November 29, 2014

Happy Small Business Saturday/Cyber Monday

First of all, an update on something that I mentioned in my last blog post. Adventures in Oz: Fantasy Roleplaying Beyond the Yellow Brick Road is now available for sale at Indie Press Revolution. And for those of you who would rather support your Friendly Local Gaming Store this holiday season, IPR also distributes games to stores all across the country and even a little bit beyond.

Also, YourGamesNow ceased operation this month. Both changes have been noted in the ordering links over on the right.

For those shopping via, enter the coupon code WQT32 at checkout and save 35% off your order. Hopefully, your order includes Adventures in Oz: Fantasy Roleplaying Beyond the Yellow Brick Road, which makes a great gift for the Oz fan or gamer in your life.

I'm not running any special sales myself this year. But that doesn't mean other people aren't. Although I was a bit distracted by other things the week or so before Thanksgiving (Hope you had a great one!) DriveThruRPG held their annual Teach Your Kids to Game sale, which featured AiO as well as a number of other games.

Watch this space during the month of December for something else exciting that other people are doing. Here's a hint:

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