Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Munchkinland is boring

A few minor tweaks were made to the system this week, but the big news is the Overview of Oz that I just uploaded. It's starting fairly small, with only one location representing each of the four countries in Oz, but it will be expanded as my resources develop.

One thing I discovered is that Munchkinland is boring. All of the other lands of Oz are fairly well explored in the stories, but Munchkinland receives little attention. It's one of those places that everybody comes from, but nobody ever goes.

My target was to come up with 5 locations from each land, give options for players who wanted their character to be associated with each location, and give the Narrator some adventure hooks to lead players in exploring each area. Quadling Country was easiest, and Munchkin Country the hardest. While the other countries might merit supplements of their own, it's likely that Munchkin Country will exist primarily in the core book.

While it's true that later Oz authors did expand on all of the countries, not much of that material has fallen to the public domain. One of the benefits of this project is that it can be done on a shoestring, which is all I have at the moment.


Charles said...

I like the Oz concept. I would suggest that you ignore all of the still under copyright material out there, and focus on creating new material and new locations from scratch. Basic Baum and yourself, so to speak.

Oz RPG said...

My focus is the Baum books, as they're all public domain and it's one of the accepted "complete sets" of Oz lore. I might try to create some new Oz material, but my focus will be providing advice to allow Narrators to create material for their group, whether they want to use classic places and characters or make completely original stuff.

One of the beautiful things about roleplaying games is how creative people can be when they're playing.

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