Wednesday, April 16, 2008

3 of the 4 corners of Oz

The big news today is that I uploaded overviews of Gillikin Country, Munchkin Country, and Winkie Country. For each major location in these lands, I've tried to come up with character options and adventure hooks to make each location useful in the game. I succeeded most of the time, but a few areas are in need of help. Feel free to send me your ideas either by commenting on this blog or by and email at If I use them, I'll put your name on the credits page of the final book.

Quadling Country is next on my list and it's rather scary. It's one of the most developed and interesting corners of Oz, featuring the Hammerheads, the Hoppers, Bunnybury, and a host of interesting places. That document, once finished, threatens to outmass the other 3 documents on the other lands of Oz.

By next week, I should have at least some Quadling material on my site @

See you then

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