Sunday, March 1, 2009

Some things I left out

I feel like some kind of jerk for not mentioning the passing of Phillip Jose Farmer in my last blog, even though he had died a few days before I posted it. And since he was not only an Oz author, but he had one of his science fiction worlds adapted to a roleplaying format, I've been getting it from both ends.

I have not read "A Barnstormer in Oz", so I will allow James Wallace's blog to cover that front. The gaming angle goes to Steve Jackson Games, publishers of GURPS Riverworld, and their Daily Illuminator.

It is interesting to note that Phillip Jose Farmer enjoyed the prospect of others "playing in his sandbox". Many other authors I have heard about are much more territorial about the worlds and stories that they have created. I wonder how L. Frank Baum would have responded to all of the Oz stories that other people have written.

I also forgot to mention one of the books I bought at the con. This one is a significant omission because it was designed by one of my artists, Brad McDevitt. He's they guy who did the Queen of the Field Mice, as well and the Tin Woodman and Scarecrow illustrations I posted here.

Haiiiii-Ya!: This game is intended to replicate the over-the-top action of most martial arts animes. It works very nicely by fitting all the numbers on a scale of 1-6 rather than trying to replicate anything being "over 9000!" The tone of the game is humorous, up to and including the names of the Chi Powers that characters can acquire.

My main assessment of the game is "Dragonball Z without all the constipation." I mean seriously, how many times have you watched Goku in a very tense squatting pose literally screaming with effort and thought "That guy needs some fiber in his diet"?


Nathan said...

Well, Maud apparently didn't mind someone else continuing her husband's series. I have to wonder if she would have objected if she'd known Frank wouldn't have approved. Then again, from what I've heard of Maud, she seems the type who might well have gone for the practical option (of having the series continued and making more money) over the sentimental one.

Oz RPG said...

Continuing the official series is one thing, letting the fans play in your sandbox is quite another. I recall at least one Oz book published by one of the Baum sons was shot down by Maud and the official Oz publishers.

Nathan said...

Yes, that was the case with Laughing Dragon in the early thirties. I believe Frank J. Baum also tried to trademark the word "Oz."

Oz RPG said...

My real question, though, was: How do you think Baum would feel about all of the Oz fan-fiction or, in my case, people sitting around a table and creating their own Oz adventures?

Nathan said...

Well, Baum was pretty open to suggestions from his readers, so I doubt he'd be too upset about people creating games out of his fairyland. Of course, we can only guess.

JCW said...

Hey Fellas...

Thanks for the mention in your blog. I do appreciate it greatly.

I have no reason to believe the Lyman Frank Baum would object to OZ continuing on in his stead. I see it as a revival of his vision with mine brought along for the ride. The values he spoke of live on and need to be reintroduced to a society currently in flux as we readjust.

I believe Philip would agree.

I'm all about literacy. I've worked with inner city kids (high school) who could NOT read.

Bad mojo...

Nice to see other geeks
such as I who love cons. I'm always jonesin' for Trek cons. Love the suit.

Go out and see Comet Lulin before it fades away.


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