Tuesday, April 16, 2019

#AprilTTRPGmaker Day 5 Character or World-Building?

Character or World-Building?

As a nearly permanent GM, I’m more of a world-builder than a character-builder. But even then, I largely focus on the scenario that the party finds itself in than the structure of the world itself. I’ve actually sneered at excessive world-building as a distraction from scenario-building. Making sure you have an adventure ready for your Friday session has always seemed more important to me than reams of family trees and details that may never make it to the table.

Though I am realizing that without those sorts of details, I may be limiting myself. Without an understanding of how the royal family works and who they’ve annoyed over the last century, I’ve just decided that that is a story that I cannot tell at my table. It also means that my players can run roughshod over the setting by asking fairly easy questions that I hadn’t considered and acting on the poorly-thought-out answers.

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