Thursday, March 12, 2009

Magical tune-up

A number of things wound up happening this week. First of all, a new game session provided new challenges, particularly on the magical front. Our sorcerer got a little more "spotlight time" this week and used it to expose one of the flaws in the magic system. Poetry-based casting was a little too useful. I'm working on a revision now, as well as a few clarifications on exactly what magic can do.

In other news, I have posted another video to YouTube. "Dorothy Gale, Princess of Oz" isn't quite the "Dorothy Gale: Action Hero" video I wanted to make, but that one will just have to wait until I level up my video production skills (and probably software). My first time setting the images to music, but I think I did a pretty good job.

Now that the convention is out of the way, I'm trying to focus on getting everything ready for my playtesters by the end of the month. With Ozma's birthday coming up in August, I'd like to have something ready to go by then. If I can give them a moderately complete game to run through by the end of the month, then that gives them April, May and June as a final playtest/comment period, with July dedicated to getting it laid out and finalized, ready to go on sale by August 21st.

I'd also like to do something to actually celebrate Ozma's birthday on my blog and my site. Any ideas?


Nathan said...

How about some virtual cake and Oz cream?

Oz RPG said...

Know anyone who can whip up a site like that?

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