Tuesday, March 26, 2013

When in China...

While I may not have been impressed with the movie as a whole, I did really enjoy the character of the China Girl. One of my disappointments with the movie was that we didn't get enough of her.

Now, if you own Adventures in Oz: Fantasy Roleplaying Beyond the Yellow Brick Road, you might be thinking of making a character like China Girl in your own campaign. Unfortunately, AiO doesn't make it easy for you. It's not impossible at all, but it would require juggling things around a little bit. You could use the Crafted Person template, then reduce Size down to 1 and use those 2 points to buy Basic Skills and Traits. Or start with the Small Animal template and spend 1 of your points to buy off No Hands.

Or you can use this shiny new template to create China People or a number of other curious Oz inhabitants.


Size: 1

Athletics: 2
Brains: 1
Presence: 3
Sneaking: 2
Wits: 1

Traits: Crafted

Customization Notes: Some toys are made of materials that have a hard time standing up to the rigors of adventuring, so consider taking a Weakness to represent that. China People would have a Weakness to Blunt Injury (Common, Damaging). A pastry citizen of Bunbury might have a Weakness to Getting Soggy (Common, Damaging). High Presence Skill and Presence Specialties are common among toy characters, whether it's the "lovely appearance" of a China Princess or a living toy bear who is "soft and cuddly." Sneaking skill and specialties can also be used when a character is likely to be mistaken for a mundane, non-living item.

Sample Character:
Name: China Girl
Template: Toy
Size: 1

Basic Skills

Athletics: 3
Awareness: 3
Brains: 2
Presence: 4 (cute little girl)
Sneaking: 3
Wits: 3

Traits: Crafted, Weakness: Blunt Injury (Damaging, Common)

Friends List: Oscar Diggs

Bonus question: What do you think of the Toy template? Should I have thought of this years ago and put it in the book?


Rob Barrett said...

Hindsight is 20/20. I like the template and would love to see it in a supplement or revision of the main book, though. The china people are one of my favorite memorization of reading Oz for the first time.

flash_cxxi said...

I like it. I'd love to see another supplement released someday soon, collecting various bits and pieces from the Blog. :)

F. Douglas Wall said...

Well, Flash, that's pretty much where the Characters Pack came from. I had been doing characters on the blog for a while, so I turned it into a quick product.

I could try taking all of those magic items and whatnot as well as the revised Transmutation rules and throw it all into a nice little $0.99 online product. What do you think? Is it something you would buy?

flash_cxxi said...

Yeah I knew that the Characters Pack was stuff taken from the Blog. But you've done a lot more stuff since then (as well as older stuff you didn't print).
I'd most certainly buy more releases from you. I'm still sad that the Deadly Desert Setting Book didn't get funded on Kickstarter.

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