Monday, April 6, 2009

Go Google yourself!

This is something that I don't usually do, but yesterday I got the itch and this is what I discovered. It's always nice to get free advertising.

I also discovered that there is yet another product titled "Adventures in Oz". I was aware of Eric Shanower's comic book, but now there's a board game with the same name. I'm not going to link it, because this blog is about Googling. One more reason to try to come with a new name for the game. Any suggestions?

Also, here are a few people who might get a kick out of their Google searches turning up one more hit:

Bryan Fowler, Amanda Webb, Brad McDevitt, Colin Throm, and Loraine Sammy. The last two artists are fairly new to the fold, but you'll probably be seeing their work soon enough. Sooner if you Google them.

1 comment:

Jason Patterson said...

Thanks for referencing my Zanysite UpWithRPGs site on yours, I just saw it in a stat-tracking program on my site. Good luck with everything! =)

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