Thursday, March 3, 2011

Cast An Ozzy Spell: The Powder of Life

While the first post of the month has traditionally been an Oz character, I thought it might be fun to mix things up a bit. Especially since the list of protagonists in the Baum stories is relatively small (though if someone wanted to stat up a character from the extended canon, I would post it). Between what I've got on the blog and some of the characters in the upcoming characters pack, I've cut a pretty wide swathe through that list. Also, part of the idea of posting characters was to get people comfortable with the system and to show off how well the system represented Oz. Posting magic spells can serve much the same effect.

Dr. Nikidik's Powder of Life
First Appearance: The Marvelous Land of Oz

Power: Animation (4)
Scope: Self/Person/Object (0)
Ritual: Complex (-1)
Item: Limited Use (-2)
Effect Power: 1

Dr. Pipt's Powder of Life
First Appearance: The Patchwork Girl of Oz

Power: Animation (4)
Scope: Self/Person/Object (0)
Ritual: None/Simple (0)
Item: Limited Use (-2)
Effect Power: 2

The Powder of Life is the main example of the Animation power. When sprinkled on an inanimate object, it has the power to grant the semblance of life to that object. The sole difference between the two versions of this powder is the ritual required to activate it. Dr. Nikidik's powder requires a 3 step ritual, while Dr. Pipt's seems to simply require exposure to the powder for it to work.

Dr. Pipt's powder has two known ingredients: 5 years of the creator's life and 4 kettles stirred simultaneously. Of course, nobody ages in Oz, so the 5 years must be invested in the creation of the powder. So for all of you AiO Narrators out there, it is perfectly fine to require exotic ingredients that are not necessarily objects.


Hungry Tiger Talk said...

I'm sure you've heard all this before but many of us assume the two Crooked magicians are the same person.And that he just moved and went into hiding after Ozma's magic ban.

Though there do seem to be two recipes: One with words and one without.

Also, some people think Dr. Nikidik is only the man who invented the wishing pills, and NOT the man who did the trade with Mombi. As if the Crooked magician worked out a trade with Mombi and tossed a pair of Dr. Scholl's Bunion Pads into the bargain. No reason, then to assume the Crooked Magician is named Dr. Scholl.

Enough geekiness for today - phew!

Devilot said...

Well, Tip does say in The Marvelous Land Of Oz that he thinks Mombi mentioned that the Crooked Magician was named Nikidik, but given the consistency of the original Oz stories...

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