Sunday, January 19, 2014

My DunDraCon Plans

Wow, my first post of the year. And it's an interesting one.

First of all, I will be going to DunDraCon, as is my tradition. If anyone is in northern California and has the ability to attend, you are encouraged. It's a fun con, and I'd love to meet my fans.

In an interesting twist, I will not be running "The Jaded City of Oz" this year, for grown ups or for kids. I will instead be running "The Castle of the Mad Archmage," the megadungeon by Joseph Bloch as part of the con's Teen Room. I downloaded it a couple of years ago when it was a fan project, and have been running an Old School campaign focused on it ever since. He is putting a bit more effort into it and turning it into a professional release coming very soon. Depending on when this release happens and my own personal resources, I may run the old version or the new at the con. Either way, I will be running it under Joseph's Adventures Dark & Deep rules. I bought a set of the rulebooks for my birthday a few months back and would very much like to try it out.

But why would I do such a thing? A couple of reasons, actually. Before I submitted a game to the scheduling committee, my wife submitted hers and was rejected on the basis that she had submitted the same adventure for the last 3 years (In truth, she only submitted the same pitch to the committee. It's been a different adventure every year). While they might have a slightly different criteria for publishers or Kids Room games, I didn't want to push it.

So why not write another Oz adventure to run? Well, I am working on another Oz adventure. But it's not quite ready yet, and it was even less so when the deadline for submissions came. So I submitted something that I would be willing to run at a moment's notice. (And it's less of a leap than you might think.)

It's certainly possible that this new adventure will premiere at DunDraCon, in the Open Gaming areas. More news on that as it comes available.

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