Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Things can only go up

It's been relatively good news in the last month and a half since my last update.

Meetup.com has resulted in a string of one-shots that is trying to turn into a campaign. I am chomping at the bit to run something myself, but I don't know if I want to pitch a big campaign or something small and I still don't have the confidence to ask all the new people I'm meeting. Maybe soon.

It doesn't help matters that the vast majority of my gaming books are packed in boxes. I've got a few out, and I am building up a digital library, but there's nothing quite like pulling a random gaming book off the shelf and seeing what ideas emerge from it.

The other good news is that I am now working full time. Before I moved to San Diego, it seemed impossible. I went to every interview prepared to go to war for a full time position. But as I spoke to people, the hard limit I experienced back home wasn't as big a thing here. It's much like when I started working, all those years ago. Show up, do the job, be reliable and the hours will come to you. I'm looking forward to my first paycheck some time this week.
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