Monday, January 11, 2016

Where I'm Going

Don't worry. As a blogger, I'm still here. It may come in fits and starts, but I don't think I'm leaving the blogosphere any time soon.

My physical self, however, is getting ready to travel. DunDraCon is next month and I haven't missed one yet. Well, there were quite a few I haven't gone to before I knew it was a thing. But once I started going, my streak has been unbroken.

There will be some changes in how I'll be doing things this year. For one, I am taking steps to ensure that AiO will be available for sale at the Endgame booth. I have ordered a number of copies that I will personally take to the convention with me and deliver by hand to the booth itself.

The other thing I am hoping to do is run a new adventure. I have already submitted my pitch for an adventure called "The Winged Monkeys of Oz" based on that notion in my brain of the Winged Monkeys ruining someone's party in the Emerald City. Maybe I'll do a blog post going into detail on my writing process.

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