Monday, April 2, 2012

B is for Blog

Conveniently enough, today marks the fourth anniversary of this blog. I had been designing the game as something of a thought experiment for about a year beforehand, but developing the drive and the will to turn it into an actual product didn't come until early 2008. I would have started the blog on April 1st, but I was afraid it might come off as an April Fool's joke.

From the beginning, I was committed to a weekly update schedule. The idea was to keep the blog in front of any potential readers and also to push me into having something to say every week. Though as something of a side effect, I fear I might be more of a blogger than a publisher these days.

So to all of those who have been following my blog for all these years (or most or some or none), thank you! For those new arrivals, feel free to check out where it all began.

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Charlie Warren said...

I found your Project BTR blog first and ran across the OZ blog later. I've been playing catch up on the posts - great stuff!

Ophelia London said...

Congrats on the big anniversary. Blogging is so fun, yeah? I've only been at it a few months, but I'm loving it so far. Thanks for the post and good luck the rest of the month!

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