Wednesday, April 11, 2012

J is for Jinxland

jinxland is in oz


Jared said...

This is making me think of "The Ozphabet" from Disney's "Cowardly Lion of Oz" record.

Except that was quite different.

"H is for Scarecrow, H because he's hay-filled!
These are simple Ozphabetic laws,
H is for Scarecrow, because everybody knows,
The alphabet's the Ozphabet in Oz!"

T is for Woodman
G is for Tea (Eric Shanower misheard it as "cheese")
C is for Lion
J is for Oziday (joyous)

Doug Wall said...

This is a stub that I meant to flesh out, but clicked the wrong button and got published. Glad you enjoyed it anyway.

Laura Marcella said...

Hello, Doug! I love The Wonderful Wizard of Oz books!!! (And the movie!) I haven't re-read the Oz books in such a long time. I think I need to give these fantastic books a re-read soon. I'm enjoying your blog's theme!

Hope you're having a great week and happy A to Z!!

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