Friday, April 13, 2012

L is for Lurline

If you're wondering how the land of Oz came to be such a magical place, just ask Lurline.

Lurline is the queen of a fairy band that enchanted Oz into the fairyland that it is today. She also left one of her own, Princess Ozma, to rule over Oz. Although she never appears as a character in any of the stories, it could be said that her presence is felt in each one.

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John Higgins said...

This bit of continuity inconsistency always perplexed me as a child reading the Oz books. How could Ozma be both the daughter of the king that the Wizard supplanted, and a fairy left behind from Lurline's band? I think (if memory serves) that Thompson pulled a clever retcon in "Lost King of Oz" and suggested that both were true, in that Ozma was merely adopted by Pastoria, but still, when I was younger, I found this whole backstory both confusing and annoying.

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