Tuesday, November 22, 2022

 Week 5

Seth's patient this week is Clara Lucas, a local seamstress who has acquired Magnetic Thumb. The Tags for the Ailment are Pain* and Blood* and there's no Timer. I actually don't need any time this week, as my explorations have provided the necessary ingredients already. While those are the same ingredients I was attempting to accumulate in order to treat Bas Bata, it will allow me to focus on my downtime and accumulating more of the Reagents that I need.

So I boil the Shock Fish to extract the electric essence and once it's cool, I mix in some slime from one of my Slime Shells. I give it to Clara to drink and within a few minutes, the thimble finally releases itself from her thumb. I earn 20 silver pieces and 1 point of Reputation for a successful cure.

For my downtime, I will head to Meltwater Loch and try to acquire more Slime Shells. I need 4 more to treat Bas Bata's Infection

1: As I'm walking along the beaches, I notice a strange set of footprints in the sand. They have four clawed toes that are widely splayed and the line of a tail dragging between them. The gait is clearly bipedal and they disappear into the sea. I wonder what sort of creature (person?) might have left them.

2: As I'm gathering a Slime Shell, I see Grobeck the dwarven fisherman. I wave to him and he waves, then rows himself towards me. He shows me his catch and I notice a Wigfish among the fish. I ask if I can have it and he explains that even though they are very rare, they're not very good to eat. I rattle off a few conditions that Wigfish can help to treat and he is happy to give it to me.

3: Scouting the beaches for Slime Shell, I find an old bottle with a note inside. It reads "Hello! My name is Maggie. I am 6 years old and I go to Lakewood School. I like peanut butter sandwiches, but without jelly. I would like you to be my pen pal. Put your letter in the bottle and put it in the water." I pause for a moment to write back. "Hello Maggie. My name is Seth. I am too old to go to school, but not too old to learn. I would like to read about where you live." I throw the bottle back in the water. Will she actually get my message?

4: A blood curdling bark echoes over the loch. The call of a cu-sith on the hunt. I scramble to a pile of rocks near the shore and hide in a recess just big enough for me. I wait for another Timer to make sure that the creature has passed before resuming my search. The good news is that my hiding spot was also the home to a Slime Shell, which I grabbed before I left.

5. I go hunting for Slime Shell in an old, barnacle covered shipwreck on the shore of the loch. In a cabin below deck, I spot a large chest of waterlogged wood next to a skeleton that's been picked clean by either sea boards or carnivorous fish. I open the chest to find a collection of wine bottles, the liquid inside turned to vinegar.

That's all the downtime I have and I managed to collect all of the Slime Shell I needed to treat Bas Bata.

Week 6

This week's patient is Vicki Hampton, an adventurer who went exploring the wrong tunnel in Hero's Hollow and came out with Phodothropy, which is kind of like lycanthropy, but for hamsters. Yes, Vicki needs my help to prevent her from turning into a were-hamster.

The Tags for Phodothropy are Curse* and Hair* and it has a Timer of 6. The Wigfish that I acquired from Grobeck can take care of the Hair Tag, but it looks like I'll have to go to Glimmerwood Grove to find some Fairy Dust (6) to remove the Curse.

1: I follow some boar tracks, hoping that it will lead me to some Fairy Dust. No luck on that front, though it does pass by a Nurse Willow, so I take the opportunity to collect some Surgeon's Sap/

2: It seems that the boar I was following was not a wild boar, but a boar trained by a truffle hunter. She starts hurling accusations of truffle poaching as soon as I'm in sight. A warning shot from her pistol passes right by my ear, temporarily deafening me. I hide in a hollow tree until the ringing in my ears fades, costing me a Timer. As I'm getting ready to resume my foraging, I spot a small shimmering on a mushroom cap. I've got my Fairy Dust.

3: Since I lost all of the Shield Cap that I collected last week, I give myself one more opportunity to collect some. I tried to avoid where I had my encounter with the pixies last time, but instead found myself wandering into Weaver's Wood, a section of the forest overrun with spiders of every size and description. I try to carefully avoid the webs, but the chittering of spider legs and mandible soon gives way to barely audible whispers. The whispers get closer, becoming voices just behind me. While most of the spiders are content to stalk me, staying just out of my senses, one approaches me. I recognize it. It's the spider that I aided a few weeks ago. It guides me through the webs and keeps me just one step ahead of its hungry brethren until I'm clear of the Weaver's Wood.

Returning home, I sprinkle the Pixie Dust on the Wigfish's wig and apply it as a poultice to the cursed hamster bite. I collect my fee of 20 silver pieces and 1 point of Reputation.

Reputation: 8

Silver: 84

Reagents: Ambergris, Gas Weed, Pixie Fur, Sea Beast Saliva, Shield Cap (x2), Slime Shell (x5), Surgeon's Sap

Familiar: Spider (Magic Eye; Glimmerwood Grove only)

Golem Helper: Make Garden Plot (Will be finished by the end of Spring)


I'll do Week 5s downtime next week.

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