Friday, August 9, 2019

RPGaDay 2019 Day #8 Focus

Today’s theme is “Focus.”

When running a game session, it can be easy to listen to the loudest player. So, one thing that I am very careful to do is listen to the quietest player.

As I’ve said before, I am occasionally called to be an ambassador of gaming to the larger world. It is my job to introduce newbies to the hobby and if more experienced players talk over them, they’re not going to have as good a time. They might have a good time watching the show, but they’re not going to know what they’re doing should they choose to show up for someone else’s game. Or maybe they aren’t excited about gaming because, from their perspective, they didn’t really get to play.

I’m naturally introverted, so it’s taken some time for me to develop the skill of speaking up without being prompted. It also means that, even when I’m the GM, I’m more likely to listen than speak. This experience helps me notice when a player isn’t contributing to a discussion. It could be that they’re new to gaming, shy among new people, or introverted like myself. I’ve seen some people try to push the quiet one by requiring them to make the big decision. This can put a lot of pressure on a fragile person who might not understand all the details. My preferred method is simply to make sure that they approve of the plan that the loud players come up with. Especially the parts that it is their job to implement. It includes them in the discussion without forcing them to take charge of a situation they’re not comfortable with.

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