Saturday, August 19, 2017

RPGaDay 2017 #19 Which RPG features the best writing?

RPGs writing is a tricky beast to evaluate, because it's actually two kinds of writing. To use terms every gamer is familiar with, "Fluff" writing and "crunch" writing. Sometimes, a game book can be full of fun and evocative text, but the rules are poorly written and poorly explained. Other times, a book can have on-point technical explanations of the rules, but any setting or campaign material is dry and boring. Most games are between these two points.

For a game that strikes that balance, I would have to nominate Bubblegumshoe by Kenneth Hite. Not only is it written to emulate the teen detective genre, it's written to appeal to fans of the teen detective genre. The rules are well explained, and they're explained in very casual language. Not quite slangy, but also not dry.

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