Thursday, August 3, 2017

RPGaDay 2017 #3 How do you find out about new RPGs?

Mostly from Ken Hite. He's at DunDraCon every year like I am, and every year he does a "What's Cool" seminar. Since that also happens to be when I am fairly flush with cash, I am generally able to act on his recommendations. Also, I am a regular listener of Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff, so I get regular updates on anything that Ken or Robin are working on.

The One Shot podcast is another source of updates. It also comes with the added bonus that I can see the rules in action. Though just as often, they'll play a game that I already own and their performance makes me want to play it for myself (which doesn't happen as often as I'd like).

Other than that, I check in on, various Facebook groups and Tumblr to get a sense of what people are buzzing about.

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