Monday, August 18, 2014

RPGaDay #18 Favorite Game System

You guys probably think I'm going to say GURPS here, don't you?

And it's a fair assessment. GURPS is where I got my start. I've run a lot of GURPS over the years, and the GURPS section of my gaming shelf is second only to my d20/D&D collection (my wife's preferred system).

But is it my favorite system? Yes and no.

One of the things I've learned about myself over the course of my gaming career is that I am a system nut. Even though I have not played every system on my shelf, I have given all of them a thorough read through until I understood the basics of each one. How the game meshed system and setting, how it managed genre emulation, or even how poorly it managed these things.

So there are things I will do in GURPS. There are also things for which GURPS is a terrible fit. And I have enough other systems that are a great fit for those concepts. Though maybe one or two more wouldn't hurt...


Barking Alien said...'s...wait...GURPS?

Was the question answered? LOL

I always find it interesting (and a tad surreal) when Game Designers name their favorite games, and they are so different from the game they designed.

Years back there was an interview with an indie, storytelling game writer (whose name escapes me), who stated his favorite system was HERO/Champions, when his own game was so simple and practically crunch free.

F. Douglas Wall said...

I am well aware of the irony.

GURPS has been with me for my entire gaming career. It's part of the story of how I met my wife. And the quality of the material is tough to beat. I have run more campaigns with it than with any other single system (thought my recent 3-year-long OSRIC campaign probably unseats it in terms of most time spent running a single system). So naturally, I've got a lot of affection for the system.

But as I said in my post, I'm a system junkie. Not so much in a gearhead/optimizer sense (I know some D&D players who are serious munchkins and listening to their conversations bores me), but in a genre/tone/feel sense. I love seeing how a system represents unique elements of a setting, or how different games approach the same genre.

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