Monday, August 1, 2016

RPGaDay 2016 #1: Dice

While this blog is generally pretty slow these days, there has been the somewhat regular spurt of activity that is the RPGaDay blogfest.

This year promises to be slightly different. I think someone else wrote the questions and the focus of the blogfest has changed. Previous years have let me geek out about the various things on my gaming shelf and sometimes even things that I wish were on it. This year, the questions are much more focused on play experience, which is a much smaller subset of my gaming life.

The first question this year is about dice. Do I prefer physical dice or some variety of virtual dice? The answer is simple. Physical dice. I even have one set that I have kept together for longer than I've owned my current laptop. I don't have a smartphone yet, so "There's an app for that." is a punchline for me rather than a practical statement.

While I could talk about technology encroaching into my gaming life, there's another question later on that will give me the opportunity to expound upon that.

I can actually remember the first gaming die I ever bought. It was a 30-sided die from a bin of random dice at The Last Grenadier in Burbank, California. I had been browsing there long enough that I felt it rude not to buy anything, but I don't think I had even a dollar in my pocket. I was not an actual gamer at the time (I had the interest, but not the experience), so I just piked a random die from the bin without any idea of what I would use it for.

Little did I know at the time, but there are astonishingly few uses for a d30. I don't think I've ever rolled it in a game session. I do still have it, though.

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