Tuesday, August 2, 2016

RPGaDay 2016 #2 Best Session of the Past Year

Over the past year, only 2 sessions I've run have been particularly memorable. Neither of which were in my current campaign.

One of them was a session of Fiasco, using the Fallout playset. The setup was that my character had discovered the last of the green plants somewhere in the wasteland and I was going to offer that opportunity to the only other two people I cared about. The other two characters were a married couple who had a farmstead whose neighbor, Old Man Henderson, was digging up pre-apocalypse relics on his land.

The wife decided to use my character as a hitman, but I refused. I wound up making friends with Old Man Henderson. He even gave me an air rifle to shoot radroaches with.

It all went to hell when I was doing some target practice with my air rifle while hanging out with my buddy, Old Man Henderson. One of the bottles I shot was full of either fuel or bathtub hooch that was so volatile that it ignited when I shot it. Flaming liquid fell on Old Man Henderson. With some cleverness and some of the cool stuff in Mr. Henderson's shed, I put the fire out, but not before he was burned to a crisp.

So I went and told the wife that Old Man Henderson was dead like she wanted. but I did so in front of her husband. Which really upset him, since he was also friendly with their now-deceased neighbor. so he kicked her out of the home and I took over the Henderson property.

It sounds like a messed up story, and it is. But it is exactly the kind of story that Fiasco is intended to create, so I consider it a rousing success. I don't know if all of the other players were as excited as I was, which my be why that was the last time I played Fiasco.

My other great session was slightly more traditional and a bit more traditionally fun. It was the second session I ran of Adventures in Oz: Fantasy Roleplaying Beyond the Yellow Brick Road at DunDraCon.

It was a larger group than the first time and there were more Oz fans in the group, which always makes for more fun. The plot of the new adventure is more linear and directed, but still encourages open-ended problem solving. For example, at one point, the party must figure out a way to reach the floating city of Umbre-La. In this particular run, the Scarecrow spent an Oz Point to declare that the Wizard had a balloon that could take them there.

Since I knew this was a magical balloon, I wanted to think up a cool feature for it. I decided that the Wizard's Tiny Piglets were the ship's pilots. As I was looking up illustrations online, I spotted an illustration that Skottie Young had done for the Marvel Oz comics that showed the Piglets in tiny fezzes. So I decided that the balloon was more or less the TARDIS. Its control room was bigger than the outside would suggest and the Piglets flew it via control panels set in a radius around a central column.

Overall a fun session, but that was my favorite part.

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