Tuesday, August 9, 2016

RPGaDay 2016 #9 What Things Are Part Of Your Ideal Session, Other Than The Actual Game?

The list of things I need for an ideal session is actually fairly low. Paper for character sheets, dice for everyone, and my laptop full of data and notes. If I'm running a game with a detailed combat system, I'll break out the maps and minis.

I've seen GMs go all out for a convention game. The most elaborate production was the Star Wars Fate game I played at DunDraCon 2 years ago. That GM used background music from the films and unused concept art by Ralph McQuarrie to create a previously unseen corner of the Star Wars universe and it was very compelling.

For a one-shot game, that's great. Awesome, even. But for something I'll be doing week in and week out, I don't think I would do anything so elaborate.

Besides, the things that really make or break a session are the players. Even in that Star Wars game with the awesome visuals and music, one of the things that sticks out in my mind was when one of the other players tried to ship my character with another. A few days ago, I mentioned the heroic sacrifice that one PC made that I hadn't expected. That whole campaign took place with no props to speak of in my living room around a coffee table.

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