Sunday, August 14, 2016

RPGaDay 2016 #14 Who Would Be On Your Dream Team Of People You Used To Game With?

First of all, the obvious choice: Kris Newton. Not only is he a great GM, but he's wonderful to have as a player. He's constantly looking for what he can bring to a scene, how to advance the plot and how to make the game fun for everyone. What's not as much fun is when he's the only player bringing his A game like that.

My second choice is what makes this list a Dream Team. My friend Meghan who passed away earlier this year. I'll admit that she's not a great roleplayer like Kris, but she's a great driver of people. For those who say that running a game is like herding cats, Meghan was an excellent sheepdog. She was very good at marshaling the party and aiming them at the problems that needed to be solved.

The bottom end of the top tier of people I've gamed with over the years would likely have to be Kane. His roleplay was consistently very entertaining. Dogar the baker dwarf and Xian Calcus the master of interpretive dance were just two of the awesome characterizations he developed. He did have a rough time when the system we were playing tried to address the roleplay in the mechanics. His characterization would be amusing but he would play a disadvantage that wasn't on his sheet while ignoring the stuff that he actually did put down.

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