Wednesday, August 17, 2016

RPGaDay 2016 #17 What Fictional Character Would Best Fit In Your Group? Why?

This is a much trickier question that the last one. I think L. Frank Baum would be a great fit for any group, whether it was the gang that included Kris Newton, the group before that with Jordan and Meghan, or even my current group. But now I need to figure out not only a fictional character, but also one that would fit with my current group.

For my current group, I would like to have someone with a motivation and a desire to shake things up, but not in a dickish way. And I think my best candidate among fictional characters would have to be Steven Universe.

I think he would try to build a story and a quest into what my current players treat as a set of monster fights to be overcome. His empathy for the bad guys might lead him to attempt diplomacy rather than slaughter every now and again.

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