Saturday, August 6, 2016

RPGaDay 2016 #6

Again, the new operators of the RPGaDay blogfest have given me a topic that I have nothing to say about. So I'm going back to last year's list. Most recent RPG played.

The most recent RPG session I participated in was running my Pathfinder megadungeon campaign. It was actually kind of unusual because I had a pretty full table. I've run the campaign in sort of a "catch as catch can" sort of way with whatever players show up for a particular session. Lately, it's been a fairly small core group. This week we had two players who had kind of faded away come back.

We took some time at the start of the session to flesh out what happened during the time they had  been gone. I'm using the downtime rules from the Ultimate Campaign book for this sort of thing, which even allows characters to earn a small amount of XP during downtime so they aren't as underleveled when they return to play.

This session also marked the introduction of a new player. His character is a first level dwarven ranger. All characters begin at first level. Pathfinder actually has rules for building more advanced characters, unlike the old school rules I was using in my previous campaign. But for players that aren't up on Pathfinder (and on me, since this is my first Pathfinder campaign), a first level character has fewer moving parts and is easier to build and to use.

To make sure that my core group doesn't have too much of an advantage over these n00bs, they used their lower level characters. The old school campaign really taught me how to manage each player having multiple characters, though there is slightly less call for it in Pathfinder. One of those circumstances is the introduction of a new player or character.

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