Friday, August 12, 2016

RPGaDay 2016 #12 What Game Is Your Group Most Likely To Play Next? Why?

My current Pathfinder campaign is likely to continue for some time to come. Its predecessor ran for nearly 5 years, so anything is possible. Whatever my next campaign is, it's more likely to be a side-campaign or separate effort rather than a main campaign.

I've still got a Star Trek campaign on the back burner that I would love to whip into some kind of shape before the 50th anniversary is over.

Another idea that needs a lot more development before I make a serious proposal is an exploration of comedy gaming using the Fate system. I've been thinking about comedy gaming for sometime and would like to test some hypotheses and turn them into theories. My current thinking has suggested that Fate would be effective as a comedy system.

First of all, death is not an explicit consequence  of losing a physical conflict, so players feel safer regarding the consequences of failure/goofiness. The Create an Advantage action opens up slapstick possibilities without having to bolt on much in the way of special rules. Inflicting a wedgie or a wet willie is no more complex than grappling or tripping or the other "staple" combat maneuvers. And the idea of inflicting mental stress as well as physical stress means that a prank that doesn't explicitly do damage can still make progress towards taking out an enemy.

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