Tuesday, August 23, 2016

RPGaDay #23 Share One Of Your Best 'Worst Luck' Stories

That would have to be the sad yet hilarious tale of Bentley, a gnome illusionist from the early days of the old school megadungeon game.

Among the various rooms full of monsters, there was a 10 foot by 10 foot room with 3 or 4 skeletons in it. As we were playing, I drew out this room on my map as a square comprised of 4 grid squares. I then placed figures to represent the skeletons (they might have all been skeleton figures, but no guarantees).

Bentley moved into the room, eager to smash some skeletons. That's when our powerhouse, a ranger we all called Boots decided she wanted in on the skeleton smashing action. But there was only so much room in that room. So I, being the kind and generous GM that I am, told her that she could move into the space if she could kill the skeleton occupying it. She also had the highest Strength score in the group, so her bonuses made her success assured.

If only she hadn't rolled a 1. But she did. Then, to make things interesting, I told her to make another attack roll, Since she had missed the skeleton, I had decided that there was a chance she had hit Bentley. And what else would she roll but a natural 20. Critical hit. Without rolling for damage, her Strength bonuses were enough to drop poor little 1st level spellcaster Bentley into negative hit points. If I had made her roll damage, it would only have made him that much deader.

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