Thursday, August 11, 2016

RPGaDay 2016 #11: Which Gamer That You Have Played With Has Most Affected The Way That You Play?

As written, this question does not speak to me. I have not had enough experience as a player to have a thought too hard about doing it better.

Speaking as a GM, however, I think the person that has had the strongest impact on my GMing style has definitely been Kris Newton. He was even kind enough to post some of his thoughts on GMing on the internet here, which helps explain some things that weren't making sense as I tried to pick them up via osmosis.

I haven't used his exact process as described, but I find the focus on play experience to be really helpful. It can be very easy for a GM to spend too much time in their own head, building their worlds, NPCs and adventures for their own amusement without thinking about whether or not the players will have fun with it.

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