Saturday, August 26, 2017

RPGaDay 2017 #26 Which RPG provides the most useful resources?

It may sound funny, but the books that I find the most useful are for games I have never run.

The Dream Park RPG featured a plotting method called the Beat Chart, which I often refer to when I'm trying to turn an idea into an adventure. However, I have never used the rest of that book. The setting of Dream Park and the idea that characters can be customized to each new adventure is neat, but I would want a campaign that is just that if I were to use the system.

The random adventure generator tables in Pandemonium: Adventures in Tabloid World are great fun and wound up fueling a D20 Modern campaign that I ran many years ago. The system for Pandemonium is very simple and could be fun. I just wanted to try out D20 Modern and it seemed like an easy way to write weird adventures.

As an aside, I always felt like D20 Modern's goal of "D&D in the modern world" was not my idea of fun. The D&D magic rules in particular felt like a poor fit to anything outside its designated domain. But the weird elements and kooky monsters seemed like a great fit for a "secret weirdness," "Tabloid World" sort of game. So that's what I decided I would run.

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