Wednesday, August 15, 2018

RPGaDay 2018 #15 Describe A Tricky RPG Experience That You Enjoyed

The top thing on my mind would be something that happened a few months ago in my 1st edition D&D game. My character is a wizard and had used most of my prepared spells throughout the course of the adventure. The only one I had left was a single casting of detect magic. There were a couple of scrolls in my pack, including one of darkness.

At the end of the session, the party all falls down a sliding ramp into a round platform in the middle of a large circular chamber. A squad of orcs and a couple of humans (the bosses of the dungeon) were on the perimeter of the chamber. We were basically in the middle of a circular shooting gallery.

The DM ended the session at that moment, giving us a week to think about our options and make plans. And so I came up with something.

The next week, we got together and as soon as my turn came around, I used my darkness scroll to cover the party in darkness. On the upside, that meant that the enemies couldn't see us to attack us, so it was less of a turkey shoot than it was a second ago. The downside was that we couldn't see anything either, and had to be very careful moving around.

Then came Phase 2 of my brilliant plan. I then cast detect magic. Which meant that, even though I couldn't see, I could detect magical auras like the ones radiating from any magic items that a boss might have on hand which could be enough to let me target them. It was an unorthodox plan, so I had to get the DM on board. Thankfully, he accepted my argument and allowed me to attack. Unfortunately, all I had to weapons were daggers and as a wizard, my attack rolls were terrible, so I missed my shot.

The darkness spell is probably what saved our bacon that session, but I'm most proud of being allowed to target someone using detect magic.

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Adam Dickstein said...

This is more a tactical experience than an RP one, but clever nonetheless.

Good thinking.

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