Saturday, August 18, 2018

RPGaDay 2018 #18 Art That Inspires Your Game

I wouldn't say that there's art that directly inspires my game. The visual aspect comes very late in the process for me, if at all. Usually, I only get visual if I'm doing a big production, like a convention one-shot.

When I did my "Megadungeon Take 2" Pathfinder game, I wanted to flesh out the city that the characters lived in. While part of that was giving the shopkeepers names and personalities, in at least a few cases it involved giving them faces. I'm sure I tried to find a face for as many as I could, but I was only able to find a few of them that really made me happy.

While Dina Hillchaser probably got the most personality, she never got a face. But Inga Forgeborn, the town's weaponsmith got one of my favorite faces. I had done a Google image search for female dwarves and found a really cool picture of a cosplayer doing a Tolkien-style dwarf look. She even went so far as to have a beard. Not a big, shaggy, Gimli-style beard. Just something that was understated, still very feminine, but still definitely present. The fact that she was also a cosplayer of color helped set the tone for the rest of my searching.

So the rest of my searching tended to focus on non-human fantasy characters who aren't just white people in makeup and/or pointed ears. For the town leatherworker, I found a very cool illustration of an elf with African features, though I had a software glitch and lost the image from my files. I couldn't find that illustration again, though I did manage to find an Asian-looking elf that was very cool as well.

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