Wednesday, August 8, 2018

RPGaDay 2018 #8 How Can We Get More People Playing?

The real challenge is not necessarily getting more people playing, but more people running. We need more GMs.

With all the interest in geek media these days, it really feels like RPGs should be riding high. And we kind of are. But only kind of. Because everyone who watches Tabletop or Critical Role or any of these Actual Play shows may be ready, in their own mind, to be a player, but only a small portion of gamers embrace the role of Game Master. I've actually seen social media posts from people saying "Me and my squad all have the books and want to play D&D so bad, but we just need a Dungeon Master. DMs hollaback!" (Not an exact quote. If that reference is goofy or dated, that is 100% my fault.)

Generally, we assume that the typical GM is someone who has been playing for a while, but who has "leveled up" into their position. They know the rules that they'll be running and know what players expect because they've been a player. But what if the entire group is full of newbies? That's the situation I found myself in nearly 20 years ago in the mythic year 2000. I muddled along and have been muddling ever since.

So as important as it is to have your GM advice also be for total newbs rather than people who have played the game for a minute, we also need to reinforce that muddling along is okay. Nobody expects you to be Matt Mercer on Day 1.

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