Saturday, August 25, 2018

RPGaDay 2018 #25 Game That Had An Impact On You Over The Last 12 Months

One of the things that's been going on with me over the last year is that I will be relocating. My landlord is planning to sell the house I'm living in, but since he's my father-in-law, he's offering to relocate me and my wife to the other end of the state. This has been a process that has taken up most of the year and still has a few months yet to go.

So while I've been cautious about starting a new campaign, it has encouraged me to look at games that are more strongly designed for one-shot play and low to no-prep play. Fiasco is great for this, but it was also a good opportunity to expand my horizons. I've mentioned Final Girl within the last day or two, which is also a good one shot game.

InSpectres is actually a low-prep game that works for one-shots, but can be extended into a campaign, long or short, very easily. And like Fiasco, it is very collaborative and all players have share authority over what happens in the story. But it also fits into a fairly traditional mold. While Fiasco and Final Girl do not have a strict GM-type role, InSpectres does. So it's a nice middle-ground sort of game between no-prep once-shots and regular-prep campaigns.

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