Wednesday, August 17, 2022

RPGaDay 2022 #17 Past, Present, or Future? When is your favourite game set?

I'm generally not a fantasy fan, so the fantastical Past as it's presented in games like D&D has minimal appeal. The things I like about the OSR are only slightly about the fantasy elements and more about the design.

I have nostalgia for a Tabloid World campaign I ran in d20 Modern back when that was new (and brought that back for one day a few months ago). So I've had good fun in the Present. I've dipped a little bit into The World of Darkness, but horror seems to be my weakness there, rather than the time period.

As much as I enjoy sci-fi. I've done shockingly little sci-fi gaming. My most recent attempts have been Starfinder and have not been good. Not always the game's fault, but still. So no real luck in the Future.

It looks like the Present wins.

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