Thursday, August 18, 2022

RPGaDay 2022 #18 Where is you favourite place to play?

 My favorite place to play is my house.

Game stores are cool places to game. I've played in late night coffee shops in Eureka and San Diego. And there's always gaming at someone else's house.

But my house has one very important feature: My stuff is there.

I don't have a fancy gaming table with little shelves for character sheets and all that jazz. But I do have a lot of gaming books and accessories. Even when I'm not running the game, very often I will have the rulebook and maybe even a supplement or two, which often found their way into my backpack. And big, wonderful gaming books get heavy quickly.

So the ability to not have to worry about hauling a portion of my collection to a remote site does appeal.

I only wish my current living situation allowed me to host games where I am and that most of my collection wasn't in storage.

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